Hi, could you please tell me what the relationship between a female october 6th 1998 and a male january 27th 1991 be like? :)


Well the female would be a Libra and the male would be an Aquarius, making this an excellent match. They’re both air signs which not only makes them highly compatible but also connect on a cerebral level. Air signs are the thinkers of the astro world so these people would always have tons to talk about. Aquarius are natural born humanitarians and Libra also have a love for mankind so these two are constantly trying to find ways to better the world. Hope this helps!

Im a Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon but I'm more like my moon sign instead? I've read through all the Taurus traits but they don't seem to fit me at all ... determined, persistent, dominating, stubborn etc


just because your sun sign is your dominant sign, it doesn’t mean that you would necessarily embody all of those traits. it could be possible that you display more of your moon sign traits. also, if you’re still a teen/adolescent your personality and self-identity is probably still being explored and therefore are subject to change. hope i helped you out! :)

I am Leo. My Ascendant is Saggittarius. My moon sign is Aries. In my birth chart, Sun was in the eighth house. My 11th and 12th house ruler is Scorpio. Pluton was in my Ascendant sign, Saggitarius. I strongly exhibit Scorpio characteristics. Do you know why? I don't have any planet in Scorpio. I analyze very well, i am enthuatistic and passionate.


hmm that is interesting. i did notice that you’re basically ruled by fire signs (sun, ascendant, moon) so i feel like that alone would make you a pretty intense, passionate person. these of course are the main qualities of a scorpio so perhaps this is why. i hope i answered your question!



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Question for a cousin of mine! She is a Scorpio and this guy that she has found on Tumblr is also a Scorpio. They have been talking and she says that they get along well (they have things in common, they talk about sex, and they are getting to know each other) is what she says. He has even told her that if they were to meet, they would go out a date. They haven't talked since yesterday and she is afraid to message him, since he hasn't responded. What should she do?


well if i were her i would message him something casual like “hey, how’s your day going?” or “hey, what have you been up to?”. through my experience with scorpios (most of my best friends have been), i feel they would respond to something like that so maybe he just got busy or hasn’t thought of an appropriate response. hope this helps! :)

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my friend is a cancer with pisces moon and scorpio ascedent, but she isnt sensitive at all!!!!! she used to be as a child but now (we're 15) she seems more like a fire sign, i have looked at the rest of her chart and there is so much water. it really frustrates me that she kind of acts nothing like her chart.


though astrology can be attributed to a lot of someone’s personality there are other factors as well, for example: their upbringing, their environment, life experiences and other things can also shape who someone is. also, judging by her age, she’s probably going through a time where acting like herself isn’t fun aka adolescence. by the time she’s fully matured intellectually (adulthood), i’m sure she’ll embody those qualities more! :) 

hey so I have this pendant and i was wondering if i could ask you about what it means. is there any way I can send you some pictures? if not I can just describe it for you. thanks :)


sure! you can send it to me via email: marishadowner@yahoo.com

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